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Dan Croll announces new EP 'On Top'

Photo: Max Knight

After the huge response for last year's studio album 'Grand Plan', Dan Croll is back once again to announce the details behind his brand new EP 'On Top', arriving on the 23rd July via Communion Records.

The new four-track collection was recorded at Spacebomb in Richmond, Virginia at the end of 2020 with Matthew E. White and the same team as his most recent record, and is being previewed by the stellar new title-track.

Speaking about the new EP, Dan said, "Releasing an album during a pandemic was strange enough of an experience, but trying to write an EP was something else. Despite moments of serious creative fatigue, 2020 was too important and obscure to not create in. The global shutdown, Trump's presidency ending, the black lives matter movement, record wildfires, it really was a rollercoaster. These four tracks were my way of dealing with all of that, part distraction and part therapy for a wild time in life.

"Returning to Spacebomb socially distanced and masked was a strange change from not long before when I was there recording the album with no idea what was approaching. Even still, it was as fun as ever playing with all of the usual brilliant musicians there. We had a few curveballs thrown our way, but were very grateful to the team and musicians working to make it happen so safely."

While adding about the new title-track, "As with any album release it's usually followed by months on the road touring, sadly for 'Grand Plan' this wasn't the case as it was released right towards the start of the pandemic and we were all locked down. During the months following the release I found myself romanticising those days on the road and the emotional rollercoaster that usually ensues with the distance from loved ones. This song was for all those who support me doing what I'm extremely lucky to do, and that just the thought of them can raise my spirits wherever I am."

Have a listen to the single 'On Top' below.


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