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Connor Desai - 'Some Time Ago'

After breaking through with her highly-praised cover of 'Friends With The Devil' last year, which was used in the final scene of Netflix series The One, Seattle-based singer-songwriter Connor Desai has returned once again with her wistful new offering 'Some Time Ago'.

Capturing more of that warm and lofty folk-inspired direction she has cultivated for herself, 'Some Time Ago' makes for a wonderfully rich and alluring listen. With her sweet and passionate voice riding across a sprawling acoustic guitar production, she has really harnessed a fresh and enticing sound with this one.

Despite a rousing repertoire of delights under her belt already, 'Some Time Ago' really stands out within her catalogue to date. Jam-packed with sweeping tones and vibrant aesthetics, she is cementing herself as a beautifully humble yet compelling name emerging on the scene.


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