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Coconut Shy - 'Water, Water'

Photo: Conor Herbert

After cementing himself with a breadth of warm and enticing offerings over the last few years, Australian singer-songwriter Joseph Mackey aka Coconut Shy is back once again to offer up his illustrious new delight 'Water, Water'.

Channelling more of that sweet and uplifting folk-pop aesthetic he has cultivated for himself, 'Water, Water' makes for a wonderfully rich and mesmerising listen. With his light and effervescent vocal style matched effortlessly against a woozy acoustic-led production from start to finish, he is continuing his pursuit as one of the more shimmering names on the scene right now.

While he has certainly made his mark over the last few years, 'Water, Water' still finds something new and interesting in which to explore. With a fresh and driven approach to his songwriting throughout, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take him next.


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