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Coach Party drop new single 'Parasite'

Photo: Megan Doherty

With their highly-anticipated debut album 'KILLJOY' out on the 8th September via Chess Club Records, Coach Party have now dropped the next cut lifted from their forthcoming full-length.

The new single 'Parasite' comes accompanied by a stunning new video, directed and edited by Paul Johnson, and follows on from the previously shared efforts 'What’s The Point In Life', 'Born Leader', 'All I Wanna Do Is Hate' and 'Micro Aggression' in previewing their new LP.

Speaking about the new offering, drummer Guy Page said, “Everyone has those people in their lives that they’ll do anything to avoid. If you don’t, you might be one of those people, and this song is for you: the parasite in human form, whose sole purpose on this earth is to drain the energy, creativity and enthusiasm of generous people. When you see their name flash up on your phone, you genuinely consider eating it. As what is arguably our most heavy track on KILLJOY, the pace and sonics are a direct reflection of how irritating and soul-destroying these parasites are. Take our advice: starve them of your good vibes, and eventually they’ll move on.”


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