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Clinton N - 'Dreaming'

After the vibrant response to his much-loved comeback single 'away' earlier this year, Dublin-based artist and producer Clinton N is back to his best once again as he delivers the euphoric new single 'Dreaming'.

Teaming up with kyippy, Alex Kade, and Luma for this new release, 'Dreaming' sees him return in one of his most anthemic guises to date. With its bold and shimmering textures, soaring atmosphere, and captivating vocals layered throughout, he is returning to the fold with one of his most mesmerising offerings to date.

While his repertoire has been littered with plenty of fresh and dynamic delights over the years, 'Dreaming' still manages to make a solid mark on his progressive catalogue to date. With such a bright and uplifting approach to his sound, we can't wait to hear what he comes back with next.


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