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Cigarettes After Sex announce new album 'X's'

Photo: Ebru Yildiz

After the rapturous response to their much-loved 2019 LP 'Cry', Cigarettes After Sex have now announced their plans for their third studio album 'X's', which is set to be released on the 12th July via Partisan.

The new full-length is being previewed by the new lead single 'Tejano Blue'.

Speaking about the new record, bandleader Greg Gonzalez said, "The record feels brutal. I could sit and talk about this loss to someone, but that wouldn’t scratch the surface. I have to really write about it, sing about it, have the music, and then I can start to analyse and learn from it. Or just relive it—in a good way. I don’t have that Eternal Sunshine-thing of wanting to forget.”

While adding about 'Tejano Blue', “I grew up in El Paso & Tejano music is huge there. You could go to a lot of the bars in the city and hear artists like Selena, Los Ángeles Azules & La Mafia playing over the speakers. It was in the atmosphere around me back then, but I always rejected it and gravitated towards anything else I was attracted to really.

“Years later when I was living in New York City I finally started listening to Selena’s ‘Como La Flor’ at the same time that I was also listening to a lot of Cocteau Twins. I had the idea then to try to combine both of their sounds somehow, which felt a bit strange, but also felt like it was coming from a genuine place of rediscovering & finally connecting with the music that I heard around me in my youth.”

Have a listen to 'Tejano Blue' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'X's' Tracklist:

1. X's

2. Tejano Blue

3. Silver Sable

4. Hideaway

5. Holding you, Holding me

6. Dark Vacay

7. Baby Blue Movie

8. Hot

9. Dreams From Bunker Hill

10. Ambien Slide


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