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Church Party - 'Back In The Room'

After originally making their mark on the scene with their vibrant debut single 'How Can U Know?' back in 2020, Manchester-based outfit Church Party now make their eagerly-awaited return to deliver their immersive new offering 'Back In The Room'.

Capturing a wonderfully broad and dynamic post-punk-inspired direction for their sophomore effort, 'Back In The Room' makes for a stellar return from the four-piece. With its raw and driven aesthetics perfectly elevating some wonderfully distinctive vocals throughout, this lot are returning with a brilliantly inventive release here.

While it may have arrived after a three-year break from the new music scene, 'Back In The Room' shows that they still have plenty of fresh and exciting ideas in which to explore. With such a fresh and confident approach to their sound throughout, we hope they don't leave it this long again before their next piece of new material.


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