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Cherokee Death Cats - 'Shout It Out'

Photo: Mattias Diesal

After establishing themselves as one of the more energetic names on the new music scene of late, cemented with their blistering offering 'Work It Out' in recent months, Swedish duo Cherokee Death Cats are back at it with their fist-pumping new anthem 'Shout It Out'.

Continuing their pursuit of raw and rip-roaring garage-rock aesthetics from start to finish, 'Shout It Out' makes for an instantly impactful listen. Filled with vibrant hooks, killer riffs, and catchy vocals throughout, these two are certainly looking to get you shaking your hips with this one.

While the pair have been working this field for some time now, there is something brilliantly infectious about 'Shout It Out'. Not since the early days of Yeah Yeah Yeahs have we come across a frontwoman dripping with so much character and charisma. We can't wait to hear where they take themselves next.


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