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Che Arthur - 'For That Which Now Lies Fallow'

Having been a part of the new music scene for a number of decades now, Chicago's Che Arthur has already been home to a varied blend of genres. As a member of post-hardcore groups Pink Avalanche and Atombombpocketknife, as well as electronic projects Ha Subliminal and Professor Downfall, his solo material has always looked to fill the gaps between his adventurous pursuits. And after a flurry of much-loved gems these last few months, he returns with his fourth solo LP 'For That Which Now Lies Fallow', a record that pursues more of that innovative spirit.

Keeping much closer to his alt-rock roots for this new outing, 'For That Which Now Lies Fallow' continues that rich and textured approach he has always looked to adopt. Brimming with this raw and driven aesthetic that perfectly suits his grizzled vocal style throughout, his latest outing is a broad and emotive one that looks to draw you in and never let you go.

Matching the same intense songwriting that has always remained a staple of his sound, 'For That Which Now Lies Fallow' sits as one of his most passionate releases to date. Creating this wonderfully absorbing aura that spreads itself across the entire LP, he shines with this graceful majesty that only elevates his vibrant persona throughout.


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