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Updated: May 31, 2022

After finding enormous acclaim over the last few months for his recent singles, in particular 'Molly' and 'In The Movies', LA-based Alabama native CHANDLER is now looking to cement his legacy to date as he drops the stunning new EP 'Brent'.

Named after his own middle name, the idea behind 'Brent' was to return to the identity he once held before being forced to change himself for the sake of the music industry. As a result, this new collection shines with a rich and powerful array of offerings that transport us into his own bright and uplifting world.

Opting for a blend of traditional pop aesthetic that borrows lightly from folk and electronic sensibilities, 'Brent' makes for a wonderfully broad and compelling listen that really gets under your skin.

'Brent' is set to be the first of many EP releases from CHANDLER throughout this year. And while things are only just kicking off for him, it is clear that he has a strong and determined direction under his belt already.

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