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Carson Ferris - 'Talkin' To You'

Having already established himself as one of the brightest talents emerging on the new music scene throughout this year, US artist Carson Ferris is back to his vibrant best once again as he delivers his wondrous new offering 'Talking' To You'.

Bringing back more of that bright and glittering pop aesthetic he has been developing over the last few months, 'Talking' To You' is another bold and bouncing effort from the young frontman. With its rich and shimmering textures, soaring atmosphere, and killer hooks layered throughout, he continues to shine as a truly innovator on the rise right now.

While he has certainly looked to make a strong and solid impact this past year, 'Talking' To You' shows that he still has plenty of exciting ideas in which to pursue. With such a confident approach to his songwriting as well, the future is already looking extremely bright for him.


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