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Blue Lush - 'Save Me'

Photo: Nicole Christine Rapp

After spending the last few years building and cultivating their sound, originally forming back in 2019, New York-based outfit Blue Lush are now ready to introduce themselves to the world with their uplifting debut single 'Save Me'.

Channelling a wonderfully bright and infectious pop-rock aesthetic from start to finish, 'Save Me' makes for a brilliantly rousing listen throughout. Filled with fresh and euphoric textures, a soaring atmosphere, and some extremely catchy vocals layered within, their first official release sets an impressive bar for them to work from.

While they have clearly been establishing their direction for some time now, 'Save Me' still marks itself as a warm and inviting initial offering. With a strong and focused approach to both their songwriting and production, we can't wait to hear what this lot comes back with next. #NewNoise

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