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Blood Red Shoes release surprise EP 'Ø'

While the band have been busy releasing the odd single since their 2018 album 'Get Tragic', Blood Red Shoes have now surprised us with the release of their brand new EP 'Ø'.

The new six-track collection is being showcased by the new lead single 'Misery Loves Company', and features the previously unveiled offering 'A Little Love'.

Speaking about the release, they said, "Over the past few years we’ve really come to love and accept this about ourselves, and take pride in our outsiderdom, instead of seeing it as a problem or a weakness, or seeing ourselves as difficult."

"We called it Ø because it’s the symbol on audio equipment to invert the signal. The flip switch. When you push the Ø button, positive becomes negative and negative becomes positive. Which feels very us. And it also makes it quite difficult for people to know how to say the name. Which is also very,"

While adding about 'Misery Loves Company', “You talk in big old words but you got nothing to say”. A friendly little STFU to the armchair warriors. Those with the overactive thumbs. The ones who tell anyone and everyone that they’re doing it wrong, but never get up and do anything to help. Boring."

'Ø' is available to stream everywhere now and you can check out the new video for 'Misery Loves Company' below.


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