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Blair Djuna - 'Don't Tell Me'

After establishing his sound with a flurry of initial offerings last year, including the highly-praised 'Beautiful', 'Touch' and 'Diamonds', fast-rising Australian artist Blair Djuna returns for 2023 to deliver his upbeat new delight 'Don't Tell Me'.

Channelling more of that rich and glossy pop direction he is quickly building for himself, 'Don't Tell Me' makes for a wonderfully euphoric listen. Filled with bold and soaring energy, shimmering hooks, and his own mesmerising voice at the helm, he is continuing to cement himself as one of the more captivating names on the rise right now.

While he may only have a handful of offerings to date so far, 'Don't Tell Me' shows that he is still brimming with fresh and exciting textures in which to explore. With such a strong and confident grasp over his aesthetic already, we can't wait to hear what else he has in store for us in the months ahead as well.


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