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Black Honey drop new single 'Out Of My Mind'

After the release of their recent comeback single 'Charles Bronson', Black Honey are back once again with their brand new offering 'Out Of My Mind'.

The new track marks their second piece of new material since their sophomore LP 'Written & Directed' last year, and comes accompanied by a stunning new video, directed by Sam Kinsella.

Speaking about the new release, frontwoman Izzy Bee Phillips said, "This song is like reaching for a tiny pin prick of light escapism in the big darkness. Until now I think I let addiction fill me with guilt whilst simultaneously letting society project shame onto me about my life’s choices. We all need a moment to escape sometimes and maybe that’s okay? I wrote this song as hungry yearning for relief from a real world I find very hard to process and function in. Maybe I’m not alone in this and maybe it’s alright to make bad choices from time to time."


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