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Bicep - 'Isles'

Over the last few years, the world of Bicep has changed dramatically. After first finding their feet as one of the most promising and diverse techno outfits in the UK at the start of their career, their 2017 self-titled debut album saw them embark on a more atmospheric and captivating direction, giving them a whole new aesthetic to explore in the process. And after another couple of years in the wind, they return with 'Isles', a record that sees them continue that broad and shimmering avenue.

From the very start, 'Isles' is looking to marry the two sides to Bicep's persona. While looking to keep a firm hand on their club-focused roots, the general tone of this new collection is something far more expansive than we were expecting. Rather than treat this as another batch of new material, there is a cohesive nature to its style as each track blends into the next, creating this succinct and driven sound that embodies their new principles and texture.

Bicep are clearly still at the top of their game on this release. Although full-lengths have only been part of their catalogue for the last few years, it already feels like a comfortable outlet for their music. They are creating fresh and entrancing soundscapes that capture the best of their talents, while also delivering a wild and vivid journey for anyone who wishes to listen.

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