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Benjamin Francis Leftwich details new album 'To Carry A Whale'

After the soaring success of his 2019 album 'Gratitude', Benjamin Francis Leftwich has now returned to detail his fourth full-length 'To Carry A Whale', which arrives on the 18th June via Dirty Hit.

Known as the first studio LP he has written and recorded since going completely sober in January 2018, the new collection is being previewed by the stunning new offering 'Cherry In Tacoma'.

Speaking about the new record, he said, “It’s an observation on what it’s like to be a sober alcoholic addict a couple of years in. A whale is heavy to carry. It’s gonna hurt you to carry it. But it’s also beautiful, and it’s a miracle to be able to carry all that at all.”

Listen to 'Cherry In Tacoma' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'To Carry A Whale' Tracklist:

Cherry In Tacoma

Oh My God Please

Canary In A Coalmine

Tired In Niagara

Every Time I See A Bird

Wide Eyed Wandering Child

Sydney 2013

Slipping Through My Fingers

Talk To You Now

Full Full Colour


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