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Ben Alexander - 'Something Powerful'

Photo: Auszil

After spending the last few years churning out a bold and adventurous array of delights, including last year's EP 'Solace' and his recent comeback effort 'Run Away', Norwegian artist and producer Ben Alexander is back to his glittering best on his latest upbeat offering 'Something Powerful'.

Channelling more of that rich and shimmering electro-pop direction he is known for, 'Something Powerful' makes for a brilliantly fun and uplifting listen. Filled with warm and effervescent textures, a soaring atmosphere, and killer vocal hooks layered throughout, he is cementing himself as one of the more captivating names on the rise right now.

While he has certainly established himself with his recent gems over the years, 'Something Powerful' shows that he is far from low on new and interesting ideas. With such a strong and driven approach to his production, this one will be stuck in your head long after you finish listening to it.


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