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Bat For Lashes unveils new single 'Letter To My Daughter'

Photo: Michal Pudelka

With her eagerly-awaited new album 'The Dream Of Delphi' out on the 31st May via Mercury KX, Bat For Lashes has now dropped the next cut to be lifted from her forthcoming full-length.

The new single 'Letter To My Daughter' comes accompanied by a stunning new visual, produced in collaboration with creative director and choreographer Alexandra Green and directed by Freddie Leyden, and follows on from the previously shared title-track in previewing her sixth LP.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, “This title is pretty self-explanatory. If I was on my deathbed, it’s what I’d say to Delphi to give her some sense of being at home in the world, the galaxy, the universe we live in. Before Delphi was born I started writing her a book of letters, inspired by Maya Angelou’s book of the same name, Letter To My Daughter. It documents a very strange but magical year, full of special memories and historic worldly moments. This ride of life is always continuing and we’re all just energy moving from one form into another, always. She’s also just part of an echo, ancestral line or spiral in the cosmos, like the spiral that I saw in her soft hair when she was a baby. She is part of something much greater than any of us individually; she comes from the past and she comes from the future.”


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