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Bashlow - 'Parliaments'

After establishing herself with her vibrant initial offerings 'Self Destruct', 'Busy!', and '7 Letter Word' last year, LA-based artist Bashlow is now looking to continue her upward ascent as she delivers her latest upbeat anthem 'Parliaments'.

Continuing to explore more of that bright and innovative pop direction she is quickly earning a reputation for, 'Parliaments' makes for a wonderfully warm and enticing return to form. With its bold and bouncing aesthetic perfectly elevating her shimmering voice throughout, she is returning for the new year with one of her most alluring releases to date here.

While she may still be within the infancy of her career so far, 'Parliaments' shows that she still has plenty of fresh and exciting ideas in which to explore. With such a confident grasp over her sound already, we can't wait to hear where she'll take her distinctive style next.


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