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Barry Muir - 'There You Were'

Following on from the release of his much-loved studio album 'In The Meantime' earlier this year, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Barry Muir is now continuing the support for his latest LP with the shimmering new single 'There You Were'.

Accompanied by a stunning new video, which heightens the track's already immersive atmosphere, 'There You Were' stands as one of his most emotive offerings to date. With its warm and riveting textures, soaring atmosphere, and mesmerising vocals layered throughout, he continues to cement himself as a true visionary on the new music scene with this one.

While he has already developed a strong and vibrant aesthetic for himself in recent years, 'There You Were' shows that he is still very much on top of his creative game right now. With such an alluring approach to his songwriting, we can't wait to hear what else he has planned for the months ahead as well.

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