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Bad Bubble - 'Am I A Good Man?'

Despite only starting his musical ambitions in the last couple of years, Chicago's Bad Bubble has already established himself as one of the more prolific names doing the rounds. Delivering something new and distinctive as often as possible, his methods for creating new sounds has always remained organic as he uses zero computer software to compose his material. And after a flurry of impactful efforts throughout this year already, he returns with his latest EP 'Am I A Good Man?', a collection brimming with warm and effervescence.

Matching the same diverse nature he has been cultivating since he first emerged, this new four-track offering makes for a truly spellbinding listen. Creating this brilliantly spacey aesthetic that ebbs and flows as the EP plays, 'Am I A Good Man?' finds him in a wonderfully explorative guise as he pursues some of his most majestic material to date.

Usually when an artist is as busy as him, standards can sometimes fall asunder, but 'Am I A Good Man?' shows that he is still overflowing with a fresh and creative spirit from start to finish. Moving with this subtle elegance at every turn, he continues to shine as one of the more enticing names doing the rounds right now.


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