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Backstrom - 'Train Wreck Coming'

After spending much of last year delivering a wealth of rich and kaleidoscopic efforts, Swedish artist Backstrom is now back for 2024 to unveil his toe-tapping new single 'Train Wreck Coming'.

Teaming back up with regular collaborator Bart Topher for this infectious new jam, 'Train Wreck Coming' sees him kick off his new year with a fun and lively energy. With its swaggering blues-rock-inspired groove perfectly heightening his vibrant vocal performance once again, this new one will have you up and out of your seat in no time.

While his initial year was certainly a great time for innovation and self-discovery, 'Train Wreck Coming' proves that he is still building and developing his wondrous sound right now. Brimming with fresh and captivating ideas throughout, his 2024 is already off to an incredible start.


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