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Baby Dave teams up with Kate Nash on 'Telephobia'

Following on from his much-loved debut album 'Monkey Brain' last year, Baby Dave aka Isaac Holman of Soft Play has now returned to share the brand new single 'Telephobia'.

The new track sees him collaborate with Kate Nash for the release, and is set to appear on his next LP 'Different Gravy', which is out on the 11th August.

Speaking about the new offering, he said, "’Telephobia’ is all about finding it hard to keep in contact with your mates, particularly when there’s shit going on in your life, whether it be mental health struggles or real life drama. I knew I wanted Kate on the tune but I wasn’t sure how to go about it, it felt like a long shot. I gave her a cheeky follow to try and make contact and then lo and behold she messaged me saying she was into my stuff and that she also has OCD. It felt like we had a nice connection and after chatting for a while I said if you ever wanna make any music together, I’m down. Thankfully she was up for it and a couple weeks later she came and hung out and did her thing. I’ve got a lot of respect for her as an artist and a person and I’m just so happy it all came together.”

While Nash added, “I’m a big fan of Isaac’s music and we became quick mates over the past year talking about our OCD brains and the quirks of living life as a musician. He asked if I wanted to sing on a new haunting and catchy tune and I jumped at the chance. I love Isaac’s music because it feels familiar, it paints a scene that you instantly recognise, it’s got a cinematic quality to it & it’s uniquely British. His lyrics always make me laugh and nod in agreement and even this sad tune helps make you feel just that little bit more understood & less lonely when you hear it.”


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