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Avaraj - 'Toxic Love Stories' EP

After delivering a fresh and enigmatic array of offerings these last few months, arriving in the wake of her highly-praised EP 'Outside Looking In' last year, emerging Atlanta-based artist Avaraj has now returned to deliver her ambitious new EP 'Toxic Love Stories'.

Focusing on the duality of damaged and broken relationships from both the victim and abuser's points of view, 'Toxic Love Stories' makes for a bold and riveting listen. Channelling a rich and diverse mix of aesthetics that borrow from dream-pop, alt-rock, and everything in-between, her newest collection sees her build upon her legacy to date and unveil something truly memorable.

Over the years, Avaraj has maintained a solid and driven direction, and 'Toxic Love Stories' is no different. Adopting strong and euphoric ideals that really stick with you, we can expect to hear a lot more from her as she continues to grow and build upon her momentum so far.


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