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Ari Joshua's RAAR Trio - 'Kambo Wambo'

Having already cemented his place on the scene as one of the more progressive and innovative names doing the rounds right now, US artist Ari Joshua returns once again as part of the RAAR Trio to deliver the sprawling new effort 'Kambo Wambo'.

Coming in at a whopping 19-minutes in length, 'Kambo Wambo' stands as one of his most ambitious releases to date. Continuing to explore more of that warm and vibrant psych-rock aesthetic he has quickly earned a reputation for, this new outing makes for a wonderful smooth and passionate listen from start to finish.

While it seems like there is no stopping his creative power of late, turning out dozens of fantastical offerings already this year, 'Kambo Wambo' shows that he still has plenty of compelling ideas in which to explore. With such a robust approach to their sound throughout, the RAAR Trio are definitely ones to keep a firm eye on for the months ahead as well.


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