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Ari Joshua - 'Elephant Walk'

After recently returning to the fold with his much-loved new outing 'Country Stroll' earlier this year, fast-rising Seattle-based artist Ari Joshua is back on the grind once again to deliver his breezy new offering 'Elephant Walk'.

Teaming up with regular collaborators John Medeski and Billy Martin for this new release, the trio unveil a wonderfully rich and woozy new groove here. Channelling more of that broad and psychedelic energy he has been cultivating these last few years, 'Elephant Walk' continues to impress with its warm and inviting textures.

These last few months have certainly been a busy time for Ari Joshua, but 'Elephant Walk' shows that his creative juices are still very much flowing. With such an enchanting approach to his style and sound here, he continues to shine as one of the more innovative names on the rise right now.


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