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Ari Joshua - 'Dragons Layer'

Having spent the last few months turning out a whole host of diverse but largely psychedelic delights, Ari Joshua now teams up with John Medeski (keys) and Billy Martin (drums) from MMW (Medeski ,Martin, & Wood) and Jason Fraticelli (bass) from Cyro Baptista, and Matisyahu to deliver his breezy new offering 'Dragons Layer'.

Adopting more of that smooth and infectious aesthetic he has become so synonymous with lately, 'Dragons Layer' is another fantastically wild and adventurous outing from the artist at the helm. Exploring another heady dose of riveting textures and immersive tones throughout, he continues his pursuit as one of the more prolific and innovative names out there.

Coming after such an incredibly busy streak of releases can sometimes have its creative issues, but Ari Joshua seems intent on delivering nothing but pure gold right now. With its fresh and captivating presence, we can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve next.


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