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Antonio Lepore - 'When The Hands Meet The Air'

When he first broke through with his stunning debut album 'Rise And Lie' back in 2020, London-based singer-songwriter Antonio Lepore was greeted as one of the more uplifting names to arrive that year. Originally a project birthed out of the COVID pandemic, he has been making great strides towards his sound ever since as he now returns with his eagerly-awaited sophomore LP 'When The Hands Meet The Air', a record brimming with intrigue and innovation.

While very much akin to the sweeping indie-folk aesthetic throughout his tenure to date, 'When The Hands Meet The Air' strikes a far more emotive chord than most. Keeping the aesthetic of this new release as humbled as possible, he sweeps and swoons his way through a dazzling array of atmospheric gems, highlighting not only his proficient songwriting, but his presence as a performer throughout.

These last few years have certainly been a great time for self-discovery and invention within his material, but 'When The Hands Meet The Air' already feels like the beginnings of an artist ready to break through into the mainstream. Brimming with this warmth and vigour that very few possess, he shines as one of the more passionate names emerging on the scene right now.


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