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Anna Katarina - 'Gracie'

Photo: Daddy Leica

After releasing her highly-praised delight 'Golden Days' earlier this year, emerging Canadian singer-songwriter Anna Katarina has now returned once again to deliver her beautifully lofty new single 'Gracie'.

Lifted from her forthcoming debut album, which is set to arrive in the near future, 'Gracie' makes for a wonderfully warm and wistful listen. With her rich and vibrant voice riding a bed of soft and sombre guitar playing, she really brings a sense of breadth and levity to this humble ode.

Inspired by her and her cousin's struggles with depression, 'Gracie' is one of those rare and honest offerings from someone truly living their songwriting. With such a raw and passionate approach to her work, it already feels like we are going to be hearing a lot more from her in the months to come.

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