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Alexa Villa - 'MySpace'

Photo: Priten Vora

After following up her much-loved 2022 LP 'Good Girl' with the stunning comeback singles 'Bored' and 'I Don't Wanna Be Pretty' in recent months, LA-based artist Alexa Villa is back on the grind once again with her uplifting new single 'MySpace'.

Capturing more of that fresh and anthemic pop energy she has been cultivating over the years, 'MySpace' makes for a rousing listen from start to finish. With its fun and bouncing textures, vibrant atmosphere, and her own distinctive vocal style at the helm, she continues her ascent as one of the more enjoyable names on the rise right now.

While she has certainly delivered her fair share of euphoric belters over the years, 'MySpace' still manages to stand out within her glittering repertoire to date. With such a firm and confident approach to her direction, we can't wait to hear what she comes back with next.


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