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Alexa Villa - 'My Kind Of Damaged'

Photo: Priten Vora

After following up her highly-praised 2022 album 'Good Girl' with the brilliant comeback singles 'MySpace' and 'I Don't Wanna Be Pretty' last year, LA-based Alexa Villa now makes her eagerly-awaited return to deliver her powerful new effort 'My Kind Of Damaged'.

Opting for a more emotive and explosive aesthetic this time around, 'My Kind Of Damaged' sees her inject her heart and soul into this new release. Brimming with broad and passionate energy at every turn, she is really throwing everything she has into this anthemic new offering.

While she has certainly cemented her place on the scene with a flurry of captivating cuts in recent years, 'My Kind Of Damaged' shows that she still has plenty of fresh and immersive ideas in which to pursue. With such a strong and confident approach to her sound, she is definitely one to keep a firm eye on for the months ahead as well.


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