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Alexa Lash - 'Fuck That Noise'

After establishing herself on the scene with the captivating EP 'Heartbreak In Movements' last year, Miami-based singer-songwriter Alexa Lash is now back for 2024 to deliver her tantalising new single 'Fuck That Noise'.

Capturing more of that fun and quirky indie-pop aesthetic she has been dabbling with over the years, 'Fuck That Noise' makes for a wonderfully warm and inviting listen. Using little more than an acoustic guitar and her own impactful vocals from start to finish, she returns to the fold with one of her more engaging efforts yet.

While these last few years have certainly been a busy and prolific time for her, 'Fuck That Noise' still manages to stand out within her ever-expanding repertoire of late. With such a strong and confident grasp over her direction once again, she is definitely one to keep a firm eye on for the months ahead as well.


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