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Alex Krawczyk - 'Space Between Us'

After recently following up her much-loved debut album 'Le Olam' with the vibrant comeback singles 'A Song For You' and 'Rhythm Of The Road' earlier this year, Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Krawczyk returns once again to offer up her dreamy new offering 'Space Between Us'.

Capturing more of that beautifully warm and uplifting folk-pop aesthetic she has built for herself since she first emerged, 'Space Between Us' makes for an incredibly rich and easygoing listen. With her light and airy voice riding across a shimmering production from start to finish, she is continuing her rise as one of the more captivating names doing the rounds right now.

While it may have come after an extremely prolific period for the artist at the helm, 'Space Between Us' still makes a bold impression on her rousing repertoire to date. With such a confident and driven approach to her songwriting, we can't wait to hear where she plans to take her sound next.

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