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Alex Cherney - 'Sleeping'

After establishing himself with a wealth of bright and upbeat jams over the last few years, New York-based singer and songwriter Alex Cherney has now returned to deliver his breezy new offering 'Sleeping'.

Lifted from the newly released studio album 'Cruise Control', a collaborative release conceived alongside renowned instrumental duo The Brothers Nylon, 'Sleeping' perfectly illustrates the rich and buoyant direction of their newest collection. Coupling warm and enticing reggae-inspired grooves with a progressive pop ideal, their latest gem is perfect for kicking back under the summer sun.

While his material over the last year has cemented his legacy to date, Alex Cherney is really showing his best on 'Sleeping'. With such a strong and confident grasp over his sound, this new one really lifts your spirits and soul with its compelling aesthetic from start to finish.


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