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Alec Berlin - 'Beat Confabulator (All Night on the Floor)'

Photo: Jeremy Varner

After spending the last few years churning out an array of rich and swaggering EP and single releases, Brooklyn-based artist Alec Berlin returns once again to offer up his latest groove 'Beat Confabulator (All Night on the Floor)'.

Lifted from his new studio album of the same name, which is available to stream now, 'Beat Confabulator (All Night on the Floor)' makes for a fun and upbeat listen. Bringing back more of that rich and funk-filled energy he has cultivated for himself already, his newest offering will surely keep your hips shaking from start to finish.

Despite such a broad and inventive run of form throughout the last few years, 'Beat Confabulator (All Night on the Floor)' still manages to find new and interesting textures to explore. With such a fresh and dynamic approach to his sound throughout, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take him next.


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