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Albert Hammond Jr. announces new solo album 'Melodies On Hiatus'

Photo: Scottie Cameron

After the release of his much-loved 2020 LP 'Francis Trouble', The Strokes' guitarist and songwriter Albert Hammond Jr. has now announced his plans for his new solo album 'Melodies On Hiatus', which is set to be released on the 23rd June via Red Bull Records.

The new full-length is being previewed by the new GoldLink collaboration '100-99', which comes accompanied by a stunning new video, directed by Angela Ricciardi and Silken Weinberg.

Speaking about the new offering, he said, “I grew up listening to 90s hip-hop, and I would always gravitate towards the melodic hooks in the songs I heard on the radio, specifically anything Dr. Dre was producing or rapping on. Years later, I noticed myself pulling from the style of those melodic lines in my guitar work, even though it wasn’t obvious to anyone else as I was so directly associated with being in a rock band. ‘100-99’ was something I’ve wanted to do for some time—work with a rapper over a beat and guitar part I wrote—and it’s really exciting that I was able to do it with GoldLink.”

While Ricciardi and Weinberg added about the new video, “When we first met with Albert, it was clear we were all on the same page: we wanted to have fun and we wanted to experiment with simple concepts that tell a deeper story. The album is 19 tracks, it’s sprawling but interconnected in a special kind of way, and we wanted to maintain that visually as well. The five videos we made for Melodies on Hiatus take place in a series of rooms all within one larger space, different scenes that string together one very long night. Throughout the entire process, Albert was so open and kind, he trusted us, and it cultivated a really pure, almost psychedelic environment.”

Check out the new video for '100-99' ft. GoldLink and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Melodies On Hiatus' Tracklist:

1. 100-99 feat. GoldLink

2. Downtown Fred

3. Old Man

4. Darlin’

5. Thoughtful Distress feat. Matt Helders & Steve Stevens

6. Libertude

7. Memo of Hate

8. Home Again

9. I Got You

10. Caught by Night

11. Dead Air

12. One Chance

13. Remember feat. Rainsford

14. 818

15. Fast Kitten

16. I’d Never Leave

17. Never Stop

18. False Alarm

19. Alright Tomorrow feat. Rainsford

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