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AC Breeze - 'monotone'

Photo: Vince Soldevilla

After building a bold and refreshing reputation for smooth and genre-bending efforts over the last few years, Canadian artist AC Breeze is back to his vibrant ways as he drops the spellbinding new single 'monotone'.

Capturing a wonderfully warm and sweeping R&B-inspired texture from start to finish, 'monotone' makes for a brilliantly alluring listen. Filled with his sweet and passionate voice, and a progressive rap verse thrown in for good measure, he is continuing to cement himself as one of the more mesmerising artists on the rise today.

Although he has been steadily building his repertoire with bright and engaging offerings this past year, 'monotone' still manages to find something new and exciting in which to explore. With such an impressive grasp over his sound already, we can't wait to hear where he takes it next.


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