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7000apart - 'Whole Lot Left To Lose'

Photo: Snap Studio

After spending the last few years building up their reputation for fresh and passionate pop releases, Stockholm-based duo 7000apart return once again with their shimmering new delight 'Whole Lot Left To Lose'.

Despite its bright and upbeat demeanour, 'Whole Lot Left To Lose' hones in on the pair's personal experiences with anxiety and depression, transforming them into an invigorating listen. With its sweet and tender textures matched against some wonderfully lofty vocals, their newest effort will certainly feel you with a sense of warmth and rejuvenation from start to finish.

Although the pair have been creating these gems throughout the last few years, there is something about 'Whole Lot Left To Lose' that really stands out within their work to date. With such an adventurous approach to songwriting and production, we can't wait to hear what they come back with next.


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