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1st Base Runner - 'Planter'

Photo: Heather Gildroy

Following on from the release of his highly-praised third EP 'Light Roars' earlier this year, fast-rising Austin-based artist 1st Base Runner now looks to showcase his latest release with the official video for one of its standout offerings 'Planter'.

Closing out his latest collection, 'Planter' makes for a wonderfully atmospheric and pensive listen. While he is known for his raw and heartfelt energy throughout the last few months, this new effort delivers a bold and heady dose of emotion, brimming with rich and vibrant textures throughout.

While 'Light Roars' certainly unveiled some of his more adventurous and inventive aesthetics, 'Planter' remains a firm favourite from his newest release. With such a airy and progressive feel to his work, he has capped off this step in his career with broad and emphatic style.

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