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1st Base Runner - 'Light Roars' EP

Photo: Heather Gildroy

Having already established himself with a broad and inventive array of gems over the last few years, culminating in an effervescent reputation for sprawling compositions, artist and producer 1st Base Runner has now returned to deliver his dynamic new EP 'Light Roars'.

Channelling a bold and euphoric texture throughout this new release, the new five-track collection makes for a wonderfully imaginative and captivating listen. Taking cues from post-rock and more ethereal realms throughout, 'Light Roars' builds upon his direction to date, and delivers a powerful and awe-inspiring listen.

Throughout his releases in recent months, 1st Base Runner has been cultivating a sound that really stands out amongst his contemporaries. Playing an inventive and alluring character on the scene gives him this freedom to truly explore his inner ambitions, and it results in something beautifully passionate from start to finish.


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